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What do I need to know before requesting an Apostille?

Before you approach a Competent Authority about getting an Apostille, you should consider questions such as:

  • Does the Apostille Convention apply in both

The country that issued the public document and the country where I intend to use it?

  • If the country that issued the public document has designated several Competent Authorities, which one is the relevant Competent Authority to issue an Apostille for my public document?
  • Can I get an Apostille for my public document, e.,

Is my document considered a public document under the law of the country where it was issued?

  • Can I request an Apostille by mail or must I appear

In person? This is particularly relevant if you are living in a country other than the country that issued your public document.

  • If I have multiple documents, will I need multiple Apostilles?
  • Are there other documents (in addition to the public document) or additional information that I need to provide to get an Apostille (e.g., a document

Establishing my identity or a stamped envelope in the case of requests by mail)?

  • How much does an Apostille cost and what forms of payment are available?

How long will it take to get the Apostille?

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